(via The Stephen Colbert/ Rahm Emanuel bromance lives on)

In things I just discovered today: when Rahm Emanuel was white house chief of staff, he had in his office a framed picture of him kissing Stephen Colbert.

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Bill Clinton’s booty pix

Canadian model turned politician Madeleine Berrevoets

Gregor Robertson, mayor of Vancouver

jfk is one of those mysterious types who looks great in profile but sort of bad straight on imo

Truu because when you look at him from the side it’s like, damn:


But then in straight on pics it’s like uhh whut?


No but stfu he was hot no matter what.

Che Guevara circa 1964

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Former Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.


OH NOES, B-B-Biden ran off my page! 1987 vintage.

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